3 items associated with Lee Dong Wook's acting career

Nov 18, 2020

1. The fedora hat in  "Goblin"


In "Goblin", the character of "Grim Reaper" Wang Yeo always attached a black fedora hat. This is a magic tool that makes "Grim Reaper" invisible and an inseparable item every time he walks down the street.






Lee Dong Wook revealed an interesting story about this hat: “To be honest, I was very averse to the fedora hat in 'Goblin'. Every time I put on my hat, I have to get my hair redone. The fedora hat really didn't suit me at all although it has become familiar to many people. This is like doing a historical drama, where I had to quarrel with the director a lot about my bangs. After that, I received a number of offers to participate in historical projects, including even a king role, but I declined all.



2. Sharp pieces of metal at the shoulder in "Blade Man"





3. The red umbrella in "Tale of the Nine-Tailed"


After "Tale of the Nine-Tailed" aired the first episodes, the red umbrella was the most prominent detail when always with "gumiho" Lee Yeon. The red umbrella with white flowers is associated with Lee Yeon's first love. In the section about the past, the umbrella represents the little girl Ah Eum (Jo Bo Ah) from childhood to adulthood and has a deep affection for the mountain god. It was also a gift that Ah Eum gave Lee Yeon.




ver thousands of years, the red umbrella has become his "indomitable" object every time he goes out. Up to now, the movie has not revealed more information about this treasure, in addition to the umbrella will instantly turn into a powerful sword, helping Lee Yeon destroy the demon.