3 reasons to watch 'A Piece of Your Mind' of Chae Soo Bin and Jung Hae In


tvN's A Piece of Your Mind is in the romance-romance genre. The content is about Ha Won (Jung Hae In) - a good artificial intelligence programmer. He had to go through many unrequited love, resigned to the lonely fate alone.

Chae Soo Bin will play the role of Han Seo Woo - an optimistic classical recording engineer who is attracted to Ha Won. She watched from afar and crushed this guy. While Lee Ha Na plays the role of Moon Soon Ho, a gardener is like Ha Won's family. Kim Sung Kyu will play Kang In Wook, a classic pianist and also the husband of Moon Ha Won.


Jung Hae In.Chae Soo Bin.

Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin


Lee Ha Na.Kim Sung Kyu.

Lee Ha Na and Kim Sung Kyu


1. The main cast is charismatic and talented

A Piece of Your Mind is led by famous, admirable stars like Jung Hae In, Lee Ha Na and Chae Soo Bin. Not only possessing beautiful appearance, they also have professional acting. Director Lee Sang Yeob expressed his complete confidence in the cast's skills: "They're talented people, there's no reason we won't cast them."

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2. Screenwriters and directors know how to touch viewers' hearts

A Piece of Your Mind is directed by director Lee Sang Yeob, who recently moved audiences into tears with the hit drama Familiar Wife and the Shopping King.


“Người vợ thân quen”.

Familiar Wife



“Ông hoàng mua sắm”.

Shopping King Louie


3. A painful love story

Dramas are always filled with stories of love and hatred, but A Piece of Your Mind promises to approach romantic relationships from a slightly different perspective. Described as a free story about unrequited love, the film will focus on the repression, the sacrifice and the passivity that come with unrequited affection and which of us has ever fallen in this situation?