4 reasons that make "Mr. Queen" a hot drama in January

Jan 12, 2021

1. So Yong's culinary talent


Set in the Joseon Dynasty, So Yong (played by Shin Hye Sun) is a beautiful and noble queen. Being a noble herself, she shouldn't have to do any work, but So Yong still wants to go to the kitchen to prove her skill with the chefs in the palace. Her delicious food processing and skillful skills are the highlight to attract the audience. Attractive, charismatic and true to the taste of food lovers, So Yong quickly gained the hearts of both the characters in the film and the audience.



2. Cheoljong and So Yong relationship


Cheolijong gives the impression of a "puppet king" in front of his audience, but that is not who he is. Cheolijong is a person with many oppressed emotions, a strong personality, determination, and a lot of desires. The audience had to hold their breath every time Cheolijong and his queen quarreled, but they couldn't deny they were suitable.


Perhaps, Chelijong as well as the audience,he was both amazed at new aspects of Queen So Yong and himself. Cheolijong even worries that the two will become enemies, though he is beginning to worry about his queen.


As a king, Chelijong never felt like a human. All the people around him have a purpose, all want something from him, except the Queen - who asks nothing from this king. Not surprisingly, Chelijong was beginning to feel a crush on So Yong.



3. Attractive humorous details


Cheolijong always felt he couldn't understand the queen he married, and So Yong - actually Bong Hwang - definitely couldn't be himself. The contrast between these two characters has dragged them into many humorous situations.



4. How will the movie end?


One of the questions that makes viewers curious is what will happen to Jang Bong Hwan's body? In the movie, Jang Bong Hwan is actually in the hospital in a coma, and he has to return to So Yong's body right after finding out what really happened to him.


Will this prevent the couple Chelijong and So Yong from coming together? Bong Hwan has a backlash at the thought of being in a woman's body and having to marry a man, obviously he will try not to get close to Cheolijong. We have a temporary response this week. After waking up from his coma, Bong Hwan was unable to think with his real voice (Choi Jin Hyuk's male voice). Instead, he thought with So Yong's voice in his mind, including So Yong's memories, and even felt So Yong's feelings for Cheolijong. Will the film seek to combine these two personalities into one?