9 famous Korean actors admit cosmetic surgery

Jul 14, 2020


1. Lee Da Hae


Previously, Lee Da Hae had admitted that she not only lost a large amount of weight but also performed some intervention on her face. The actress is known for several famous films such as My Girl (2005), Green Rose (2005), Chuno (2010) and Miss Ripley (2011).



2. Kim Hyun Joong


Kim Hyun Joong is a little different from the names on the list because he has plastic surgery due to trauma. When he was young, his nose was injured by hitting a rock. This caused his nose to collapse and he needed surgery to lift it up. The actor is known to audiences across Asia through the movie "Boy Over Flowers".




3. Min Hyo Rin


Min Hyo Rin has admitted that she had surgery to turn her eyes into double eyelids in the past. She is famous for dramas like Triple, Dr. Champ, Romance Town, ... Hyo Rin married Taeyang (Bigbang) in 2018.



4. Hong Soo Ah


Hong Soo Ah has admitted to interfering with a number of things on her face, such as double eyelid surgery. She also mentioned how surgery has changed her acting career and she feels that she can play a role now.



5. Lee Si Young


Lee Si Young admitted that she had plastic surgery before her debut and specifically some of the interventions for facial reconstruction. Actress known for the movie "Killer Toon 2013"





6. Park Han Byul


In the past, Park Han Byul admitted that he had interfered with his eye aesthetics. She is known for several dramas such as Bolder By the Day, One Well-Raised Daughter, The Girl Who Sees Smells, ...



7. Kim Nam Joo


Kim Nam Joo acknowledged that she had plastic surgery on her face and she felt that it was nothing to be ashamed of.



8. UEE


Before debut, Uee had double eyelid. She is known through All My Love, Birdie Buddy, Ojakgyo Family, Jeon Woo-chi, ...



9. Park Min Young


Park Min Young admitted to having double eyelids and raising his nose before debut. She began receiving widespread attention through the movie What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Her Private Life, I'll Find You on a Beautiful Day.


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