Actress Min Do Hee stars in upcoming drama 'Seasoning'

May 7, 2019

Drama "Seasoning" is a drama about the story that takes place in the island "Anvindo" that went off for a short time and escapes from a puzzling reality. It is completely different from what you thought it would be leisurely and leisurely. Variety Island life is drawn. In addition, we will provide different kinds of things to make fishing easier and more enjoyable through the medium of cooking. 

Min Do Hee came to come to live in the city for a month and live for a month, and is going to lead the play as a hero who plays the role of seasoning which will be set up in a store named 'Min-Ki Kitchen' named after her. 

Min Do Hee has appeared in various drama, film 'Tunnel' and 'Daddy You, Daughter Me' in JTBC '“My ID is Gangnam Beauty', KBS 'Girls' Generation 1979', tvN' I was raised a lot of love. 

Min Do Hee, who had a lot of love for her college student democracy series with the attraction of Jae-crush in JTBC's "Clean With Passion For Now , has starred as a seasoning character with a good taste during this work. Expectations and interests are attracting attention.

Meanwhile, the 'Seasoning' starring Min Do Hee is scheduled to air at the end of September. 




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