After watching 7 scenes "Crash Landing On You", everyone wants a husband like Hyun Bin!


Along with the heat of "Crash Landing On You", the hotness of Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) is also increasing. With a dashing appearance, a beautiful face and a considerate and thoughtful personality, the emotions are hidden in the cold appearance, our soldier has left many moments of excitement.


1. Smile when I first met Yoon Se Ri

Encountering a tornado while skydiving, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) accidentally falls into the North Korean border area and falls into the sights of Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin). Despite trying to appear cold, careful with the gun, always in a state ready to aim. But in fact, Ri Jung Hyuk has been shaken by the cuteness of the stranger since seeing her confused about where she is. The moment he unconsciously smiled gently when looking at Yoon Se Ri made everyone flutter.




2. Yoon Se Ri's tears

As a young lady living in wealth, velvet, the sudden falling into a needy life in the North Korean village made Yoon Se Ri extremely confused. She constantly calls to ask about the location of shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics and scented candles, which Ri Jung Hyuk has never used, causing him a headache.



3. Protect Yoon Se Ri

Taking Yoon Se Ri to Pyongyang for a passport, Ri Jung Hyuk, who has always been protective of her, has been more cautious now. Not only as a bodyguard, not letting anything touch Yoon Se Ri, he also got jealous, acting with Goo Seung Joon (Kim Jung Hyun) when he pulled his daughter's hand in. elevator. Ri Jung Hyuk also reminded Yoon Se Ri: If you want to be safe, you must stick to me.



4. Use candles to find Yoon Se Ri

During a walk in the market, Yoon Se Ri accidentally got lost and became panicked when everything fell into darkness because of a power outage. The lost and bewildered reminded her of the dark memories when she was abandoned by her mother at the beach as a child. Fortunately, the moment Yoon Se Ri burst into tears, Ri Jung Hyuk appeared in the middle of the crowd with a scented candle, seeking to comfort her.




5. Launch the motorbike to protect Yoon Se Ri

Instead of directly driving Yoon Se Ri to the airport back to Korea, Ri Jung Hyuk chose to ride a motorbike in the next lane alone, ready to rush to protect her if in danger. And indeed, what he predicted happened, Yoon Se Ri's car was blocked by anonymous assassins.



Without fear, Ri Jung Hyuk immediately set fire to the vehicle, and shot down two enemies. But one of them is still awake enough to direct a shot towards Yoon Se Ri, right now, Ri Jung Hyuk shielded herself with her body. The moment Ri Jung Hyuk collapsed while Yoon Se Ri blushed in panic with the Flower soundtrack for Yoon Mi Rae presented is indeed one of the most memorable scenes from the beginning of the film.


6. Kiss of apology

Waking up from a coma, Ri Jung Hyuk was extremely angry knowing that Yoon Se Ri was not on a flight back to Korea. In anger, the guy accidentally let out hurtful words, causing her to burst into tears and leave. However, after hearing the doctor and nurse talk about how much Yoon Se Ri was worried and crying while she fell asleep, Ri Jung Hyuk immediately felt guilty.



Ri Jung Hyuk quickly left the hospital room and went out to the corridor to find Yoon Se Ri. While she was panicked, worried, and angry at being scolded, Ri Jung Hyuk stepped forward and placed a kiss on her lips. After a long time without much progress, this kiss is a big turning point for Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk's love relationship, helping them both realize their feelings for the other.


7. A hug in the snowstorm


Fearing that it would endanger Ri Jung Hyuk, Yoon Se Ri ran away and hid in Goo Seung Joon's mansion. But her sudden disappearance makes Ri Jung Hyuk extremely worried. He immediately left the hospital and followed the fiber optic cable in the forest during the first snow in the season to find the villa of Goo Seung Joon.

After refusing to go with Ri Jung Hyuk, Yoon Se Ri struggled violently and decided to chase him with Goo Seung Joon's car. At the first moment of meeting again, Ri Jung Hyuk immediately hugged Yoon Se Ri. This is probably the time when Ri Jung Hyuk lives the most with his heart, regardless of how lofty and self-sacrificing that he soon accepted, to allow Yoon Se Ri to leave him and leave Korea safely. . The image of two people hugging each other in the middle of a stormy snowy night has sparked many emotions in the audience's hearts.



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