A Boy Who Went To Heaven (2005)

A Boy Who Went To Heaven (2005)

13-years-old Ne Mo, who was born from a single mother, dreams of marrying a single mother. After the sudden death of his mother, the store which his mom operated is rented by Boo Ja, who is also a single mother. Boo Ja lives with her son Ki Cheol. Ne Mo feels that Boo Ja is part of his fate and, even though he is only 13-years-old, he proposes to her.

One day, Ne Mo, Boo Ja, and Ki Cheol all go to the theater together to watch a movie. A fire erupts in the theater and Ki Cheol becomes trapped inside. No Me runs back into the theater to save Ki Cheol. Ki Cheol is rescued, but Ne Mo goes missing. The next moment, Ne Mo wakes up and sees two men arguing.

Ne Mo wakes up 20 days later. He isn't 13-years-old anymore and is actually 33-years-old. Even though Ne Mo went to heaven too early, he can't go back to the regular world due to rules in heaven. Ne Mo then makes a deal with the Angel of Death. The deal is that one day for Ne Mo will equal one year. He has 60 days on Earth, but those 60 days are really 60 years to him. Ne Mo can only live until Christmas and he now begins his quest for love.

Director: Yoon Tae Yong [윤태용]
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy;
Airs: 2005

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