A Journey to Meet Love

A Journey to Meet Love

Li Xin Yue is a white-collar worker under the watchful eye of the police after she goes out of her way to buy Dear, a painting by a renowned artist. Undercover cop, Jin Xiao Tian, is ordered to shadow her every move.

They both end up traveling to the heroine’s hometown Shangri-La City, and fall in love with each other along the way. Jin Xiao Tian was initially reluctant to admit his affections for Li Xin Yue due to his identity as an undercover cop, but decides to tell her the truth after rescuing her from a local drug syndicate.

The police were eventually able to bust the drug ring with Li Xin Yue’s help, and she was also able to clear her father’s name after Chu Hong Fei’s crimes were exposed.

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Chen Xiao (1987)

    Chen Xiao (1987)

  • Jing Tian (1988)

    Jing Tian (1988)

  • He Ming Han (1980)

    He Ming Han (1980)

  • Wang Zhi Gang (1974)

    Wang Zhi Gang (1974)

  • Qin Shan (1992)

    Qin Shan (1992)

  • Li Jing (1978)

    Li Jing (1978)

  • Liu Yi Jun (1970)

    Liu Yi Jun (1970)

  • Guan Zi Jing (1985)

    Guan Zi Jing (1985)



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