A Long Goodbye

A Long Goodbye

Shohei is now retired from his job as a middle school principal. On his 70th birthday, he tells his wife Yoko, first daughter Mari and second daughter Fumi that he has Alzheimer's disease. First daughter Mari is a housewife with a husband and a child. Second daughter Fum is still single and she agonizes over her life. The three women are embarrassed for Shohei who is losing his memory. One day, Fumi, Mari and Yoko realize that Shohei still holds onto fond memories which they have already forgotten.
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Genres: Family;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Yamazaki Tsutomu (1936)

    Yamazaki Tsutomu (1936)

  • Matsubara Chieko (1945)

    Matsubara Chieko (1945)

  • Takeuchi Yuko (1980)

    Takeuchi Yuko (1980)

  • Aoi Yu (1985)

    Aoi Yu (1985)

  • Nakamura Tomoya (1986)

    Nakamura Tomoya (1986)

  • Kitamura Yukiya (1974)

    Kitamura Yukiya (1974)

  • Matsuzawa Takumi (1985)

    Matsuzawa Takumi (1985)

  • Shimizu Kurumi (1994)

    Shimizu Kurumi (1994)

  • Fuwa Mansaku (1946)

    Fuwa Mansaku (1946)

  • Okayama Hajime (1964)

    Okayama Hajime (1964)

  • Iketani Nobue (1971)

    Iketani Nobue (1971)

  • Fujiwara Kisetsu (1993)

    Fujiwara Kisetsu (1993)

  • Koichi Mantaro (1969)

    Koichi Mantaro (1969)


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