A Promise with the Gods

A Promise with the Gods

It is a melodrama about two married couples that choose to put their ethics and morals aside as they make a bold choice in order to save their children.
Seo Ji Young (Han Chae Young) is an anchorwoman and talk show host who is very devoted to her children. Kim Jae Wook (Bae Soo Bin), heir to a large architecture company, who is willing to sacrifice everything and stand up against his family in order to protect his children.
Also Known As: A Pledge To God / 신과의 약속 / 與神的約定
Country: Korean
Airs: 2018
Status: Completed
Genres: Family; melodrama;

Cast more

  • Han Chae Young

    Han Chae Young

  • Bae Soo Bin

    Bae Soo Bin

  • Oh Yoon Ah (1980)

    Oh Yoon Ah (1980)

  • Lee Chun Hee

    Lee Chun Hee

  • Wang Seok Hyeon (2003)

    Wang Seok Hyeon (2003)

  • Lee Hwi Hyang (1960)

    Lee Hwi Hyang (1960)

  • Park Geun Hyung (1940)

    Park Geun Hyung (1940)

  • Kang Boo Ja (1941)

    Kang Boo Ja (1941)

  • Oh Hyun Kyung (1970)

    Oh Hyun Kyung (1970)

  • Jung Min Sung (1975)

    Jung Min Sung (1975)

  • Kim Hee Jung (1970)

    Kim Hee Jung (1970)

  • Choi Phillip

    Choi Phillip

  • Oh Eun Ho

    Oh Eun Ho


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