Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Jian Xi is an aspiring actress pitted against Tang Fei’s cocky A-list celeb. She’s also looking for her birth mother in Beijing. According to the synopsis, archaeologists find the grave of Dong Xian in 2016, and within it, the truth behind Emperor Ai of Han’s “passion of the cut sleeve.” A famous director reads about the findings and decides to film a movie based off of this story, selecting the big name Tang Fei and the new face Jian Xi to play the lead roles. Tang Fei is a guy; Jian Xi is a girl – how do Dong Xian and our meta-story come in?

“Emperor Ai loved Fu Ji deeply, but pushed her away on purpose for political reasons. He hoped that when he executed the Fu clan, he would be able to preserve her life – but the Empress Dowager Fu insisted on sending her into the palace, hoping to use her to control the emperor. Emperor Ai used Dong Xian as a cover-up, but Fu Ji did not know of this, and her love turned to hate. She chose to help her family seek power. Emperor Ai, heartbroken, refused to speak the truth even when he died. Dong Xian, however, secretly recorded everything.

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2017

Cast more

  • Mabel Yuan

    Mabel Yuan

  • Chen Xiao (1987)

    Chen Xiao (1987)

  • White Bai (1990)

    White Bai (1990)

  • Williams Chu (1992)

    Williams Chu (1992)

  • Vincent He (1992)

    Vincent He (1992)

  • Guo Xiao Dong (1974)

    Guo Xiao Dong (1974)

  • Jiang Meng Jie (1989)

    Jiang Meng Jie (1989)

  • Zhang Zhe Han (1991)

    Zhang Zhe Han (1991)

  • He Hong Shan (1987)

    He Hong Shan (1987)

  • Zang Hong Na

    Zang Hong Na

  • Elvira Cai (1990)

    Elvira Cai (1990)

  • Hugo Ng (1959)

    Hugo Ng (1959)

  • Zhang Si Fan (1992)

    Zhang Si Fan (1992)

  • Li Hao Han (1974)

    Li Hao Han (1974)

  • Nan Fu Long (1985)

    Nan Fu Long (1985)

  • Zhu Zan Jin (1995)

    Zhu Zan Jin (1995)

  • Zhao Yu Xi (1990)

    Zhao Yu Xi (1990)

  • Gao Yu Er (1993)

    Gao Yu Er (1993)

  • Tang Guo Zhong (1978)

    Tang Guo Zhong (1978)

  • Kris Fan (1992)

    Kris Fan (1992)

  • Lin Yi Ting

    Lin Yi Ting

  • Zhang Shuang Li (1954)

    Zhang Shuang Li (1954)

  • He Jia Yi (1978)

    He Jia Yi (1978)

  • Kang Jia Ye (2005)

    Kang Jia Ye (2005)

  • Qi Xin Rui (2009)

    Qi Xin Rui (2009)

  • Nili Te Long (1991)

    Nili Te Long (1991)

  • Sun Ao (2002)

    Sun Ao (2002)

  • Lian Lian (1983)

    Lian Lian (1983)



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