Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

Dan Dan, is a woman who works as a special effects make-up artist but has very cold-heart. She then, unexpectedly, falls in love with Yeong Goo, a humanoid robot programmed to be a perfect boyfriend. Yeong Goo begins to develop human emotions, and they end up in a love triangle with her famous actor childhood friend, Ma Wang Joon, who also falls for her.
Also Known As: 절대 그이 / Jeoldae Geui / My Absolute Boyfriend / Roco King / Romcom King
Country: Korean
Airs: 2019
Status: Ongoing

Cast more

  • Yeo Jin Goo

    Yeo Jin Goo

  • Bang Min Ah (1993)

    Bang Min Ah (1993)

  • Hong Jong Hyun

    Hong Jong Hyun

  • Hong Seo Young (1995)

    Hong Seo Young (1995)

  • Cha Jung Won (1989)

    Cha Jung Won (1989)

  • Hong Suk Chun

    Hong Suk Chun

  • Ha Jae Sook (1979)

    Ha Jae Sook (1979)

  • Kong Jung Hwan

    Kong Jung Hwan

  • Kwon Hyun Sang (1981)

    Kwon Hyun Sang (1981)

  • Choi Sung Won (1985)

    Choi Sung Won (1985)

  • Kim Do Hoon (1998)

    Kim Do Hoon (1998)

  • Go Jung Min (1979)

    Go Jung Min (1979)

  • Choi Joo Won (1994)

    Choi Joo Won (1994)

  • Lee Seung Il (1994)

    Lee Seung Il (1994)


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