Always Have, Always Will (2021)

Always Have, Always Will (2021)

In the first year of high school, Fang Li, a young girl from a small town, became classmates with the school's smartest student, the cold face Luo Yan. At that time, Luo Yan was a nightmare for Fang Li. Three years later, they meet again at university. Luo Yan at this time can no longer remember the former Fang Li, but the battle between the Sunshine Girl and the Tsundere Demon continued. This pair of enemies experienced their best youth. Together they found the beauty lost in the hour, and work towards realizing their dreams.
Director: Han Zeng Guang [韩曾光]
Country: Chinese
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Comedy; Romance; School; Youth;
Airs: 2021

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