Attack The Gas Station

Attack The Gas Station

Four guys, with nothing better to do, decide to rob a gas station. When they find out there isn't as much money as they expected, they lock up the employees and take over to make more money. They don't know how to run the gas pumps, and when the customers complain, the guys take them hostage. Everything is more or less under a chaotic kind of control until they order Chinese food and make the mistake of harassing the delivery boy. He rounds up a bunch of other delivery boys to attack the gas station. Another confrontation with a high school gang and the local mafia provokes a bigger fight. Finally, the police arrive for the final showdown.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Action; Comedy; Crime;
Airs: 1999

Cast more

  • Lee Seong Jae (1970)

    Lee Seong Jae (1970)

  • Yoo Oh Seong (1966)

    Yoo Oh Seong (1966)

  • Kang Seong Jin (1971)

    Kang Seong Jin (1971)

  • Yoo Ji Tae (1976)

    Yoo Ji Tae (1976)

  • Park Yeong Kyoo (1953)

    Park Yeong Kyoo (1953)

  • Jeong Joon (1979)

    Jeong Joon (1979)

  • Lee Jeong Ho (1978)

    Lee Jeong Ho (1978)

  • Lee Yo Won

    Lee Yo Won

  • Kim Soo Ro (1970)

    Kim Soo Ro (1970)

  • Yoo Hae Jin (1970)

    Yoo Hae Jin (1970)

  • Lee Jong Hyeok (1974)

    Lee Jong Hyeok (1974)

  • Kim Hak Cheol (1959)

    Kim Hak Cheol (1959)

  • Kim Eung Soo (1961)

    Kim Eung Soo (1961)

  • Lee Won Jong (1969)

    Lee Won Jong (1969)

  • Lee Seung Chae (1975)

    Lee Seung Chae (1975)

  • Kim Myeong Gook (1963)

    Kim Myeong Gook (1963)

  • Han Seong Shik (1964)

    Han Seong Shik (1964)

  • Cha Seung Won (1970)

    Cha Seung Won (1970)

  • Ji Dae Han (1969)

    Ji Dae Han (1969)

  • Hyeon Sook Hee (1956)

    Hyeon Sook Hee (1956)

  • Noh Jin Won (1971)

    Noh Jin Won (1971)