Bad Love (2019)

Bad Love (2019)

"Bad Love" follows the lives of five people.

So Won is 29-years-old and has a high school level education. She works as a clerk at a fabric store. So Won possesses a bright and honest personality. Her dream is to become a designer. Her twin sister is Eun Hye. Eun Hye's personality is completely different from So Won's. Eun Hye is feminine and quiet. Both sisters were accepted into a university, but, due to their financial situation, only Eun Hye was able to attend. To this day, Eun Hye feels guilt about that.

Jae Hyuk works as a designer. He is the first son of Chairman Han, who runs the Noyoo Group. Jae Hyuk fell in love with Eun Hye at first sight and they live together despite objections from Jae Hyuk's family.

Jae Hyuk has a younger stepbrother, Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk desperately wants to receive recognition from his father. Meanwhile, Yeon Soo works as a contract employee at Noyoo Group. When she was little, she lived off So-Won’s family. She wants to have successful life, but, in reality, she is still poor.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Family; Romance;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Shin Go Eun

    Shin Go Eun

  • Lee Seon Ho (1981)

    Lee Seon Ho (1981)

  • Oh Seung Ah (1988)

    Oh Seung Ah (1988)

  • Yoon Jong Hwa (1979)

    Yoon Jong Hwa (1979)

  • Cha Min Jee (1990)

    Cha Min Jee (1990)

  • Jeon Seung Bin (1986)

    Jeon Seung Bin (1986)

  • Jeon Kwang Ryeol (1959)

    Jeon Kwang Ryeol (1959)

  • Lee Sang Sook (1962)

    Lee Sang Sook (1962)

  • Go Da Yeon (1991)

    Go Da Yeon (1991)

  • Jang Yong (1945)

    Jang Yong (1945)

  • Yoon Mi Ra (1951)

    Yoon Mi Ra (1951)

  • Nam Kyeong Eub (1958)

    Nam Kyeong Eub (1958)

  • Jeong Ae Ri (1960)

    Jeong Ae Ri (1960)

  • Shim Eun Jin (1981)

    Shim Eun Jin (1981)

  • Jeon Jin Ki (1966)

    Jeon Jin Ki (1966)

  • Shin Soo Ho (1988)

    Shin Soo Ho (1988)



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