Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

This drama is loosely based on the novel “Frankenstein“ by Mary Shelley. A medical mystery drama about a psychopath genius neurosurgeon. Kye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) is a detective in the violent crimes division. Meanwhile, Lee Young Oh (Jang Hyuk) is a male cardiothoracic surgeon who becomes a new assistant professor at the hospital. The drama promises to shed the usual medical procedural framework and will tell a mysterious story about “someone who kills, someone who saves, someone who chases, and someone who’s chased.”
Also Known As:
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Mystery; Medical;
Airs: 2016

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  • Jang Hyeok (1976)

    Jang Hyeok (1976)

  • Yoon Hyeon Min (1985)

    Yoon Hyeon Min (1985)

  • Park Se Yeong (1988)

    Park Se Yeong (1988)


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