Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera

Director E J-yong signs on to direct a short advertorial film and becomes taken with the whimsical notion of directing the film not from on set, but from an off-site location using Web-based technology. E writes this very idea into his short film, a story about a director who attempts to "remote direct" his film set in order to go on a date. E then rounds up an impressive star-studded cast, but secretly flies out to Hollywood, Los Angeles in order to put his plan to action. On the morning of the first day of shoot, E J-yong greets his cast and crew through a monitor. Without the director on set, the film goes spiraling into chaos.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Documentary;
Airs: 2013

Cast more

  • Kang Hye Jeong (1982)

    Kang Hye Jeong (1982)

  • Ha Jeong Woo (1978)

    Ha Jeong Woo (1978)

  • Kim Nam Jin (1976)

    Kim Nam Jin (1976)

  • Yoon Yeo Jeong (1947)

    Yoon Yeo Jeong (1947)

  • Park Hee Soon (1970)

    Park Hee Soon (1970)

  • Oh Jeong Se (1977)

    Oh Jeong Se (1977)

  • Kim Min Hee (1982)

    Kim Min Hee (1982)

  • Kim Ok Bin (1987)

    Kim Ok Bin (1987)

  • Ryoo Deok Hwan (1987)

    Ryoo Deok Hwan (1987)

  • Choi Hwa Jeong (1961)

    Choi Hwa Jeong (1961)

  • Esom (1990)

    Esom (1990)

  • Jeong Eun Chae (1986)

    Jeong Eun Chae (1986)

  • Kim Ki Bang (1981)

    Kim Ki Bang (1981)

  • Im Pil Seong (1972)

    Im Pil Seong (1972)



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