Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

A story revolving around a famous producer and a college student as they walk on the same path towards reaching their dreams.

Bu Xiao Gu (Zhou Dongyu) is a mass communications student who aspires to produce her own television shows. She has always considered Producer Chun Yu Qiao (Luo Jin) to be her role model and enters the same company as him in order to work as an intern. She is disappointed to find out that he is unapproachable and difficult to get along with. She also gets caught in an incident revolving around a live telecast that almost cost her job and misses the deadline to submit her graduate thesis. Surprisingly, he steps up to take the responsibility for the incident which allows her to discover a different side to him.

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Romance; Youth;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Zhou Dong Yu (1992)

    Zhou Dong Yu (1992)

  • Luo Jin

    Luo Jin

  • Wayne Liu (1990)

    Wayne Liu (1990)

  • Lawrence Wang (1978)

    Lawrence Wang (1978)

  • Zhong Dan Ni

    Zhong Dan Ni

  • Tse Kwan Ho (1963)

    Tse Kwan Ho (1963)

  • Chen Ran (1985)

    Chen Ran (1985)

  • Zhang Jun Ming (1993)

    Zhang Jun Ming (1993)

  • Wang Xuan (1995)

    Wang Xuan (1995)

  • Wang Yi Lin (1993)

    Wang Yi Lin (1993)

  • Wu Li Peng (1988)

    Wu Li Peng (1988)

  • Qin Yu (1991)

    Qin Yu (1991)

  • Liu Jun (1972)

    Liu Jun (1972)

  • Li Hong Tao (1964)

    Li Hong Tao (1964)

  • Zhang Yao (1980)

    Zhang Yao (1980)

  • Lu Xing Yu (1973)

    Lu Xing Yu (1973)

  • Liu Qiu Shi

    Liu Qiu Shi

  • Yang Yi Tong

    Yang Yi Tong

  • Huang Can Can (1995)

    Huang Can Can (1995)

  • Zhao Si Mei (1995)

    Zhao Si Mei (1995)

  • Sookie Pan (1988)

    Sookie Pan (1988)

  • Li Chao (1984)

    Li Chao (1984)

  • Liu Di Ni

    Liu Di Ni

  • Zhang Shen

    Zhang Shen

  • Chen Shu (1977)

    Chen Shu (1977)

  • Kitty Zhang (1986)

    Kitty Zhang (1986)


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