Boys of Tomorrow

Boys of Tomorrow

Ki-Soo (Kim Byeong-Seok) and Jong-Dae (Yoo Ah-In) are brothers. Ki-Soo is the older brother and he has become somewhat of the surrogate father to Jong-Dae, even though he is barely able to keep his personal life in order. Ki-Soo lives in a small studio apartment and makes ends meet as a valet taxi driver. He dreams of becoming a drummer in a rock n roll band. Their mother is a religious fanatic and their father abandoned them years ago. Youner brother Jongdae lives with their mother.

Meanwhile, Jongdae washes cars as his full time job. He’s somewhat of an oddball, as he still carries the psychological scars of a traumatic childhood accident. When Jongdae was a child, Ki-Soo kicked him in the groin to prevent him from seeing their mom in a compromising position. The kick resulted in Jong-Dae losing one of his testicles permanently.

Now that the two brothers are on the doorsteps of adulthood, they start to live separate lives. Ki-Soo tries to fulfill his musical dreams while Jong-Dae finds a job in a brothel as an attendent. When their mom learns of Jong-Dae’s new job, she goes to Ki-Soo and makes him promise to protect his younger brother. Kisoo is soon forced into upholding that promise.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama;
Airs: 2007

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