Couple Breaking

Couple Breaking

Park Han Byul and Park Kwang Hyun star in this bubbly drama about a committed couple who realize they might not belong together at all. Jung Suk (Park Kwang Hyun) and Yeo Kyung (Park Han Byul) have been dating for years. Jung Suk is uncultured and poor, while Yeo Kyung is polished and rich. After realizing they aren’t as happy as they thought, each begins to stray towards new prospects. Can true love overcome a comfortable habit? Couple Breaking is a light-hearted four-episode romp about romantic switcheroos. (Source: dramafever)
Also Known As:
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Romance;
Airs: 2007

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  • Park Kwang Hyeon (1977)

    Park Kwang Hyeon (1977)

  • Park Han Byeol (1984)

    Park Han Byeol (1984)

  • Kim Ji Seok

    Kim Ji Seok

  • Jeong Da Hye (1985)

    Jeong Da Hye (1985)


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