Crush and Blush

Crush and Blush

29-year-old Me Sook is the most unpopular teacher at school. She used to be a Russian language teacher at a high school but was relegated to a middle school to teach English which she can't even understand. She also has a chronic blushing problem, often afraid to even lift her face up. But to top it off, she is in love with another married teacher, Mr Seo, and believes that he feels the same but is just too shy to show his feelings.

So when she finds out that he's having an affair with an attractive Russian teacher who took her place in high school, Me Sook decides to take action. Hiding her true intentions, she forms an alliance with Mr. Seo's daughter, Jong Hee, the most unpopular student at school. Jong Hee cooperates with Me Sook to save her father's marriage. They plot ways to separate the lovebirds, becoming friends in the process and also slowly falling into their own trap.

Director: Lee Kyeong Mi [이경미]

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy;
Airs: 2008

Cast more

  • Lee Jong Hyeok (1974)

    Lee Jong Hyeok (1974)

  • Seo Woo (1985)

    Seo Woo (1985)

  • Gong Hyo Jin

    Gong Hyo Jin

  • Hwang Woo Seul Hye (1979)

    Hwang Woo Seul Hye (1979)

  • Bang Eun Jin

    Bang Eun Jin


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