D.P. (2021)

D.P. (2021)

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “D.P Dog Day” will tell the story of a soldier who is tasked with finding and catching military deserters. Jung Hae In has reportedly been offered the role of main character Ahn Joon Ho, who bears witness to the emotional struggles of the young deserters that he tracks down.

Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name by author Kim Bo Tong.

Director: Han Joon Hee [한준희]
Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Genres: Drama; Military;
Airs: Dec 31, 2021

Cast more

  • Jeong Hae In (1988)

    Jeong Hae In (1988)

  • Koo Gyo Hwa (1982)

    Koo Gyo Hwa (1982)

  • Son Seok Koo (1983)

    Son Seok Koo (1983)

  • Kim Seong Kyoon (1980)

    Kim Seong Kyoon (1980)

  • Lee Joon Yeong (Jun) (1997)

    Lee Joon Yeong (Jun) (1997)

  • Hong Kyeong (1996)

    Hong Kyeong (1996)

  • Jo Hyeon Cheol (1986)

    Jo Hyeon Cheol (1986)

  • Shin Seung Ho (1995)

    Shin Seung Ho (1995)

  • Kim Beom Soo (1990)

    Kim Beom Soo (1990)