Fatal Promise

Fatal Promise

Cha Eun Dong is a girl that always stands up against injustice. This places her and her family into a difficult situation. Around this time, Kang Tae In makes a promise to Cha Eun Dong. The promise is vital to Cha Eun Dong and her family, but he breaks his promise. His broken promise causes the destruction of Cha Eun Dong's family. 7 years passes ...
Also Known As: 위험한 약속 / wiheomhan yaksok / Dangerous Promise / A Dangerous Promise
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Drama; melodrama; Romance;
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Park Ha Na (1985)

    Park Ha Na (1985)

  • Go Se Won (1979)

    Go Se Won (1979)

  • Kang Seong Min (1979)

    Kang Seong Min (1979)

  • Park Young Rin (1984)

    Park Young Rin (1984)

  • Kil Yong Woo (1955)

    Kil Yong Woo (1955)

  • Kang Shin Il

    Kang Shin Il

  • Lee Chang Wook (1984)

    Lee Chang Wook (1984)

  • Lee Dae Yeon (1964)

    Lee Dae Yeon (1964)

  • Lee Kan Hee (1969)

    Lee Kan Hee (1969)

  • Kim Hye Ri (1969)

    Kim Hye Ri (1969)

  • Kim Na Woon (1970)

    Kim Na Woon (1970)

  • Yoon Bok In

    Yoon Bok In

  • Song Gwi Hyeon (1954)

    Song Gwi Hyeon (1954)

  • Oh Yeong Shil (1965)

    Oh Yeong Shil (1965)


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