During the funding of New China, Country X sent a spy service led by “The Awaker” stealing into China, using an advanced code named “Purple Secret” for delivering information. The fact that the Chinese could not decipher the code, has helped the team of “The Awaker” becomes more and more secret and furious in China. Dang Zheng, the deputy director of Decoding Department special unit 701, was assigned to recruit talents around the country to study the decoding of “Purple secret” and even more complicated “Black Secret”. Talent like Jinzhen Rong with special math gift were discovered for 701. During the fight with enemies, Jinzhen Rong and her war-mate not only experienced continuous cruel training, intense challenge, but also a series of human testing such as love, friendship and betray. Jinzhen Rong themselves not only needed to decode the complicated information, but also to find the truth that was hidden in everyone’s heart. The one who can defeat talent is the talent himself. During the decoding, they grew and worked with even completed self-redemption.
Also Known As: 解密 Jie Mi
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Historical; Period; War;
Airs: 2016

Cast more

  • Ady An

    Ady An

  • Ying Er (1988)

    Ying Er (1988)

  • Cheney Chen (1990)

    Cheney Chen (1990)

  • Jing Chao

    Jing Chao

  • Zhang Zhe Han (1991)

    Zhang Zhe Han (1991)

  • Yin Xiao Tian (1978)

    Yin Xiao Tian (1978)

  • Guo Jing Fei (1979)

    Guo Jing Fei (1979)

  • Yang Yi Tong

    Yang Yi Tong

  • Li Nan

    Li Nan

  • Bai Qing Lin

    Bai Qing Lin

  • Sun Xiao Fei (1975)

    Sun Xiao Fei (1975)

  • Wang Tong Hui (1972)

    Wang Tong Hui (1972)

  • Zhao Yan Song

    Zhao Yan Song

  • Yu Heng

    Yu Heng


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