Default (2018)

Default (2018)

Shi Hyun, the monetary policy manager at the Bank of Korea, predicts a massive national financial crisis and reports it to the Director. The Director doesn’t schedule an emergency summit until 10 days later but does it without notifying the public of the situation. Shi Hyun urges for the crisis to be announced in order to warn people of the looming disaster, but her plea is ignored. The summit is held behind closed doors.

Jung Hak, a financial consultant, notices Korea is suddenly hemorrhaging foreign funds, and he learns the reason is that international finance firms have ordered an all-out investment withdrawal from the country, which has caused the credit rating to plummet. He hands in his resignation and decides to play the odds on what he’s sure is a coming crisis. He secretly starts gathering investors willing to do the same.

Gap Su, a family man who runs a small tableware factory, has a big break and wins a contract with a department store. The fact that the price settlement terms equal to little more than a promissory note concern him only briefly, and oblivious to the looming financial upheaval, Gap Su signs the contract.

The Managing Director of IMF comes to Korea just one week before the country goes bust, and that is when those who try to prevent the crisis, those who seek to take advantage of it, and those only trying to protect their livelihood are caught in the wake of national bankruptcy.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Thriller;
Airs: 2018

Cast more

  • Kim Hye Soo (1970)

    Kim Hye Soo (1970)

  • Yoo Ah In (1986)

    Yoo Ah In (1986)

  • Heo Joon Ho (1964)

    Heo Joon Ho (1964)

  • Jo Woo Jin (1979)

    Jo Woo Jin (1979)

  •  Vincent Cassel (1966)

    Vincent Cassel (1966)

  • Kim Hong Fa

    Kim Hong Fa

  • Eom Hyo Seop

    Eom Hyo Seop

  • Song Yeong Chang (1958)

    Song Yeong Chang (1958)

  • Kwon Hae Hyo

    Kwon Hae Hyo

  • Jo Han Cheol (1973)

    Jo Han Cheol (1973)

  • Ryoo Deok Hwan (1987)

    Ryoo Deok Hwan (1987)

  • Park Jin Joo (1988)

    Park Jin Joo (1988)

  • Jang Seong Beom (1995)

    Jang Seong Beom (1995)

  • Jeon Bae Soo (1970)

    Jeon Bae Soo (1970)

  • Yeom Hye Ran (1976)

    Yeom Hye Ran (1976)

  • Kim Hyeong Mook (1974)

    Kim Hyeong Mook (1974)

  • Dong Ha (1992)

    Dong Ha (1992)

  • Kim Min Sang (1968)

    Kim Min Sang (1968)

  • Jeong Gyoo Soo (1957)

    Jeong Gyoo Soo (1957)

  • Ryoo Tae Ho (1963)

    Ryoo Tae Ho (1963)

  • Byeon Jin Soo (1985)

    Byeon Jin Soo (1985)

  • Yoon Byeong Hee (1981)

    Yoon Byeong Hee (1981)

  • Choi Joon Young (1988)

    Choi Joon Young (1988)

  • Yoo Sang Jae (1976)

    Yoo Sang Jae (1976)

  • Lee Sang Hong (1977)

    Lee Sang Hong (1977)

  • Son Seong Chan (1965)

    Son Seong Chan (1965)

  • Son Min Seok (1971)

    Son Min Seok (1971)

  • Kim Anastasia (1969)

    Kim Anastasia (1969)

  • Ahn Soo Ho (1968)

    Ahn Soo Ho (1968)

  • Joey Albright (1988)

    Joey Albright (1988)

  • Han Seong Yong (1983)

    Han Seong Yong (1983)

  • Hong Seong Deok (1967)

    Hong Seong Deok (1967)

  • Han Chang Hyeon (1972)

    Han Chang Hyeon (1972)

  • Han Ji Min (1982)

    Han Ji Min (1982)

  • Lee Ho Jae (1941)

    Lee Ho Jae (1941)

  • Choi Dong Hwa (2010)

    Choi Dong Hwa (2010)

  • Jeong Jong Yeol (1972)

    Jeong Jong Yeol (1972)

  • Park Sang Hyeok (1985)

    Park Sang Hyeok (1985)

  • Kim Roe Ha

    Kim Roe Ha


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