Destiny's Love

Destiny's Love

A guardian of the stars, Chi Yu, is charged with maintaining the balance of power in the cosmos. When he loses the key to his power, the precious Sun Moon Jade, he’s forced to wander the realm of mortals in a desperate attempt to find it.

Wandering Earth, he finds himself drawn to a strong female general who eventually captures his heart. Desperate to keep her with him always, Chi Yu attempts to rewrite her fate and in so doing, dooms her to die at the age of thirty in each of her subsequent lives.

As punishment for his actions, Chi Yu is imprisoned in the stars for 3,000 years. Once free, he vows to fix the problems he caused and so returns to Earth. Lifetimes have passed since his last visit and much has changed but none so much as the reincarnation of his lost love. A big-time film producer, Wen Xi, is nothing like the woman he remembers, but Chi Yu refuses to let her go until he’s made amends.

Will Chi Yu be able to right millennia of wrongs? Can a fate so detrimentally entwined really end in true love?

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Xu Lu (1994)

    Xu Lu (1994)

  • Zhang Ming En (1995)

    Zhang Ming En (1995)

  • Ren Yan Kai (1984)

    Ren Yan Kai (1984)

  • Wu Xin (1983)

    Wu Xin (1983)

  • Sylvia Hsieh (1990)

    Sylvia Hsieh (1990)

  • Xu Yang (1995)

    Xu Yang (1995)

  • Gallen Lo

    Gallen Lo

  • Deng Sha (1985)

    Deng Sha (1985)

  • Li Jun Chen (1995)

    Li Jun Chen (1995)

  • Guan Zi Jing (1985)

    Guan Zi Jing (1985)


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