Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter

The Demon Dragon installed chaos and destruction which led Li Xiu Yuan to travel in search of the Dragon Master, who was responsible for three successful renditions made against the Tiger Demon, for the answers of how to defeat the Demon Dragon.

Xiu Yuan unfortunately did not find him, but on the way find Fuu, the Ninth Fox Demon; The little Fuhu guide Xiu Yuan to finally find a master who can help her, however is necessary to find an object, this in turn is a personification of Ji Gong a former dragon killer warrior.

Also Known As: 降龙大师
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2017

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  • Haha He (1999)

    Haha He (1999)

  • He Wen Hui (1981)

    He Wen Hui (1981)


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