Emergency Interrogation Room 3 (Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu 3)

Emergency Interrogation Room 3 (Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu 3)

A few months before a law is enacted that requires the recording of all police interrogations, police officers gather at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and they receive instruction on how to treat suspects better. They observe, Yukiko Makabe (Yuki Amami) from the special interrogation team Kintori interrogate a suspect who does not show any signs of remorse. Yukiko Makabe uses sharp words and shows a lack of respect towards the suspect. Due to her behavior, Councilor Reiko Kikuchi orders Yukiko Makabe to train newcomers.

Around this time, Yuta Nomoto, who received a 12 year sentence, escapes while being transferred to prison. He breaks into a house and takes a housewife as a hostage.

Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Amami Yuki (1967)

    Amami Yuki (1967)

  • Kohinata Fumiyo (1954)

    Kohinata Fumiyo (1954)

  • Denden (1950)

    Denden (1950)

  • Tanaka Tetsushi (1966)

    Tanaka Tetsushi (1966)

  • Suzuki Kosuke (1974)

    Suzuki Kosuke (1974)

  • Hayami Mokomichi (1984)

    Hayami Mokomichi (1984)

  • Ookura Koji (1974)

    Ookura Koji (1974)

  • Matsui Jurina (1997)

    Matsui Jurina (1997)

  • Konno Mahiru (1977)

    Konno Mahiru (1977)

  • Sendo Nobuko (1969)

    Sendo Nobuko (1969)


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