Extracurricular (2020)

Extracurricular (2020)

It's the story about teenagers and the incidents that happen at their school and surroundings. It will also narrate the changes that Ji Soo, a student with poor social skills, goes through as he meets a new friend named Kyuri. The drama will also heighten the tension by featuring various temptations that students face in real life.
Also Known As: μΈκ°„μˆ˜μ—… / Ingansueob / Ingansooeob / Human 101 / Human Lessons / Human Class
Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Genres: Drama; Friendship; life; Youth;
Airs: Apr 29, 2020

Cast more

  • Kim Dong Hee (1999)

    Kim Dong Hee (1999)

  • Jeong Da Bin (2000)

    Jeong Da Bin (2000)

  • Park Joo Hyeon

    Park Joo Hyeon

  • Nam Yoon Soo (1997)

    Nam Yoon Soo (1997)

  • Choi Min Soo (1962)

    Choi Min Soo (1962)

  • Park Hyeok Kwon (1971)

    Park Hyeok Kwon (1971)

  • Kim Yeo Jin (1972)

    Kim Yeo Jin (1972)

  • Woo Da Bi (1999)

    Woo Da Bi (1999)

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