Fall in Love With Anchor Beauty

Fall in Love With Anchor Beauty

Raised in an orphanage, kindhearted news anchor Dan Ping (Zhu Dan) never intended to compete with anyone, and certainly not with her long-lost sister Zheng Nan (Cheryl Yang). Anchors at the same TV station, Dan Ping and Zheng Nan both fall in love with producer Yi Po (Jang Hyuk), but his heart belongs to Dan Ping. Smart, beautiful, and ambitious, Zheng Nan can't accept losing to someone lesser. Having experienced setbacks in love, she devotes herself to getting ahead in her career at all costs, including betraying her own sister.
Also Known As:
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama;
Airs: 2010

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  • Cheryl Yang (1977)

    Cheryl Yang (1977)

  • Jang Hyeok (1976)

    Jang Hyeok (1976)

  • Wu Jian

    Wu Jian

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