Flower Grandpa Investigative Team

Flower Grandpa Investigative Team

The story about three detectives in their 20’s who transform into old men in their 70’s overnight and one elite detective who luckily stays young as himself. The drama will comically tell the story of the three detectives trying to regain their young bodies back.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2014

Cast more

  • Lee Soon Jae (1935)

    Lee Soon Jae (1935)

  • Kim Hee Cheol (1983)

    Kim Hee Cheol (1983)

  • Choi Jin Hyeok (1986)

    Choi Jin Hyeok (1986)

  • Byeon Hee Bong (1942)

    Byeon Hee Bong (1942)

  • Park Min Woo

    Park Min Woo



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