Forest (2020)

Forest (2020)

Kang San Hyeok is a member of the 119 special rescue team. He is handsome and smart, but he does not remember his childhood. Jung Young Jae is an enthusiastic surgical resident.

Kang San Hyeok and Jung Young Jae meet at a mysterious forest. Even though they do not want to, they must live together in the mysterious forest. Living there, they discover small pleasures. Kang San Hyeok and Jung Young Jae soon uncover a secret about themselves and the forest.

Also Known As: 포레스트 / 시크릿 / Sikeulis / Sikeurit / Secret
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Park Hae Jin

    Park Hae Jin

  • Jo Bo Ah

    Jo Bo Ah

  • Ryoo Seung Soo (1971)

    Ryoo Seung Soo (1971)

  • Jeong Yeon Joo (1990)

    Jeong Yeon Joo (1990)

  • Lee Do Kyeong (1953)

    Lee Do Kyeong (1953)

  • Lee Shi Hoon

    Lee Shi Hoon

  • Min Joon Hyeon (1975)

    Min Joon Hyeon (1975)

  • Noh Kwang Shik

    Noh Kwang Shik

  • Yoon Bok In

    Yoon Bok In

  • Lee Nam Hee (1962)

    Lee Nam Hee (1962)

  • Im Jeong Min (1973)

    Im Jeong Min (1973)

  • Kwon Ye Eun (2012)

    Kwon Ye Eun (2012)

  • Kim Eun Soo (1994)

    Kim Eun Soo (1994)


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