Forgiven Children

Forgiven Children

While fooling around with a self-made crossbow, Kira accidentally kills his classmate Itsuki. For lack of evidence, the young student is found innocent. However, his trial is widely covered by the mass media, and the following uproar from society won’t leave his family untouched. Based on the question “How would I react to my child commiting a crime?”, Eisuke Naito repeatedly switches angles from youth to parenthood, creating a bleak and compelling drama that blurs the borders between perpetrator and victim.

Director: Naito Eisuke [内藤瑛亮]

Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Thriller;
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Uemura Yuu (2002)

    Uemura Yuu (2002)

  • Kuroiwa Yoshi (1974)

    Kuroiwa Yoshi (1974)

  • Ikeda Akana (2001)

    Ikeda Akana (2001)

  • Jibiki Go (1976)

    Jibiki Go (1976)

  • Soma Emi (1986)

    Soma Emi (1986)

  • Haruna Shuya (2002)

    Haruna Shuya (2002)

  • Nagura Yukino (2001)

    Nagura Yukino (2001)

  • Sumikawa Ryuju (2003)

    Sumikawa Ryuju (2003)

  • Nishikawa Yuzu (2003)

    Nishikawa Yuzu (2003)



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