Ghost House

Ghost House

Park Pil Gi's family has never owned a house for three generations. They have to live in a rented room all their lives. Quite understandably, his father's will at his death bed was 'get your own house', which became Pil Gi's goal in life. He works at a shipyard by day and as part-time chauffeur by night. After 10 years, he finally manages to buy a two-storey house near the beach in Geoje-do, with some loans and mortgage. On the day, he moves in, he shouts "Father... I did it! I bought my own house!" But his joy soon turns to fear. A knife flies toward him, the actor on TV suddenly shouts at him to leave the house, and even crawls out of the screen...
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Horror;
Airs: 2004

Cast more

  • Cha Seung Won (1970)

    Cha Seung Won (1970)

  • Jang Seo Hee (1972)

    Jang Seo Hee (1972)

  •  Son Tae Yeong (1980)

    Son Tae Yeong (1980)

  • Kang San (1997)

    Kang San (1997)

  • Yoon Moon Shik (1943)

    Yoon Moon Shik (1943)

  • Hwang Seok Jeong (1971)

    Hwang Seok Jeong (1971)

  • Tae In Ho (1980)

    Tae In Ho (1980)

  • Kim Dong Gyoon (1971)

    Kim Dong Gyoon (1971)

  • Kim Eung Soo (1961)

    Kim Eung Soo (1961)

  • Oh Jeong Se (1977)

    Oh Jeong Se (1977)

  • Jang Hang Joon (1969)

    Jang Hang Joon (1969)

  • Jang Hang Seon (1947)

    Jang Hang Seon (1947)

  • Jang Hyeon Seong (1970)

    Jang Hyeon Seong (1970)

  • Jin Yoo Yeong (1957)

    Jin Yoo Yeong (1957)

  • Son Jin Hwan (1966)

    Son Jin Hwan (1966)

  • Lee Jeong Heon (1970)

    Lee Jeong Heon (1970)

  • Bang Jeong Shik (1970)

    Bang Jeong Shik (1970)