Glass Mask

Glass Mask

Kang Yi Kyung's life was difficult from the very beginning – her mother was shot while pregnant with her by a police detective who was pursuing her criminal father, who goes to prison. Ridden by guilt, the police detective adopts her and raises her as his own daughter. She has a stepsister who also has a secret past. When Yi Kyung finds out the truth about her past, she is consumed by the need for revenge. Will she succeed in setting the record straight or will she risk too much to get there?
Also Known As:
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: drama;
Airs: 2012

Cast more

  • Seo Woo (1985)

    Seo Woo (1985)

  • Park Jin Woo (1983)

    Park Jin Woo (1983)

  • Lee Ji Hoon (1979)

    Lee Ji Hoon (1979)

  • Yang Geum Seok (1961)

    Yang Geum Seok (1961)

  • Kim Yoon Seo (1986)

    Kim Yoon Seo (1986)


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