God of War, Zhao Yun

God of War, Zhao Yun

There is no other historical figure that captures the hearts and imaginations of people everywhere. Zhao Zi Long (Lin Geng Xin), also known as Zhao Yun, was a great military general who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period. With unparalleled fighting skills, courage and charisma, Zhao Yun initially served the great warlord Zan Gong Sun but switched alliances to serve Liu Bei (Kevin Yan) for most of his illustrious career as a member of the famed Five Tiger Generals. But when Zhao Yun becomes embroiled in a love triangle with the beautiful Xiaohou Qing Yi (Yoona) and another great warrior, Gao Ze (Kim Jeong Hoon), will he discover that battles of the heart are the most dangerous of all? “God of War, Zhao Yun” is a 2015 Chinese drama series directed by Yong Guo Jian. It is based on the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” by Shan Tian Fang.
Also Known As:
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Historical; War;
Airs: 2016

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  • Lin Geng Xin (1988)

    Lin Geng Xin (1988)

  • Im Yoon Ah

    Im Yoon Ah

  • Kim Jeong Hoon (1980)

    Kim Jeong Hoon (1980)


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