Begonia Rouge

Begonia Rouge

In order to find her missing father, the young maiden Gu Hai Tang comes to Kunyang and starts working at the Lang family’s rouge manufacture. There she always bickers with the Lang family’s second son Yue Xuan until they become friends. However, Yue Xuan’s older brother Yue Ming takes a liking to Hai Tang and the Lang family therefore tries to trick her into marriage with him.

When Hai Tang learns that she was married to the wrong person, she starts to hate Yue Xuan for deceiving her. She then promises the Lang family to treat Yue Ming’s disfigured face when they let her divorce in return. Yue Xuan is ashamed of his actions and finally faces his true feelings. He pursues Hai Tang again and the two develop a love and hate relationship. But after Yue Ming fully recovers, his love turns to hate and he snatches away the operating rights for the manufacture and even tries to break up his brother and Hai Tang. At the same time, Hai Tang’s father’s true identity and the reason for his disappearance as well as the truth behind Yue Xuan’s hardships in life are revealed. Will Hai Tang and Yue Xuan be able to overcome everything and develop a healthy relationship?

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Deng Lun

    Deng Lun

  • Li Yi Tong (1990)

    Li Yi Tong (1990)

  • Ying Jun (1986)

    Ying Jun (1986)

  • Zhang Ya Zhuo (1995)

    Zhang Ya Zhuo (1995)

  • Alex Fong (1963)

    Alex Fong (1963)

  • Carman Lee (1973)

    Carman Lee (1973)

  • Huang Howie

    Huang Howie

  • Gao Yao Ping

    Gao Yao Ping

  • Bai Shan

    Bai Shan

  • Dong Li Wu You

    Dong Li Wu You



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