Helios, a most wanted criminal in the global radar, has stolen the South Korean military’s latest mass destruction weapon: a handheld nuclear device DC8 and 16 uranium spheres. An underground trading of the stolen weapon is due to take place in Hong Kong. Chinese envoy Song An, Hong Kong’s Counter Terrorism Response Unit Chief Inspector Lee Yin-ming and South Korean weapon expert Choi Min Ho are all gathered in Hong Kong on a mission to recover the weapon. Physics professor Siu Chi-yan joins the team as consultant. Beneath the shared goal of recovering the weapon, the three regions’ representatives are all armed with hidden agendas. Choi not only has to capture Helios and recover the weapon but needs to prevent the leaking of national classified information. Song has China’s interests in mind. And on top of resolving the unit’s biggest crisis since its conception, Lee and Siu have to grapple with the tension between the two countries. Although the Hong Kong police manage to capture Helios’s assistant and recover the weapon, a diplomatic dispute between China and South Korea on who owns the confiscated nuclear device is unleashed. Meanwhile, Helios pops up in Macau, determined to reclaim the weapon and avenge his earlier defeat. In the final showdown, no one is safe from the danger and conspiracies that lurk underneath.
Also Known As: 赤盜 Chi Dao
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2015

Cast more

  • Jacky Cheung (1961)

    Jacky Cheung (1961)

    British Hong Kong
  • Nick Cheung (1967)

    Nick Cheung (1967)

    Shek Kip Mei, British Hong Kong
  • Ji Jin Hee (1971)

    Ji Jin Hee (1971)

    South Korea
  • Choi Shi Won (1986)

    Choi Shi Won (1986)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Chang Chen (1976)

    Chang Chen (1976)

    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Shawn Yue (1981)

    Shawn Yue (1981)

    British Hong Kong
  • Janice Man (1988)

    Janice Man (1988)

    British Hong Kong
  • Wang Xue Qi (1946)

    Wang Xue Qi (1946)

    Beijing, China
  • Yoon Jin Yi (1990)

    Yoon Jin Yi (1990)

    South Korea
  • Kim Hae Sook

    Kim Hae Sook

    South Korea
  • Lee Tae Ran (1975)

    Lee Tae Ran (1975)

    South Korea
  • Eric Chung (1962)

    Eric Chung (1962)

    British Hong Kong
  • Joyce Feng (1989)

    Joyce Feng (1989)

    Hebei, China
  • Hedwig Tam (1990)

    Hedwig Tam (1990)

    British Hong Kong
  • Jin Hyeon Kwang (1977)

    Jin Hyeon Kwang (1977)

    South Korea
  • Kim Hye Yoon (1996)

    Kim Hye Yoon (1996)

    Seongnam-si, South Korea


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