Heung-boo: The Revolutionist

Heung-boo: The Revolutionist

Yeon Heung Bu is an author of popular novels. He writes a novel to find his lost older brother. Heung Bu then meets Jo Hyuk. Jo Hyuk is a nobleman and takes care of people. Heung Bu finds enlightenment from Jo Hyuk. Meanwhile, Jo Hyuk’s older brother is Jo Hang Ri. He is completely different from Jo Hyuk. He will do anything to gain more power. Heung Bu decides to write a story about the brothers Jo Hyuk and Jo Hang Ri.

Heung Bu completes the novel “Heungbu and Nolbu” and the novel is a success. It's popularity soon spreads all across Joseon. Jo Hang Ri takes advantage of the situation and plots to gain absolute power in Joseon.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Historical;
Airs: 2018

Cast more

  • Jeong Woo (1981)

    Jeong Woo (1981)

  • Kim Joo Hyeok (1972)

    Kim Joo Hyeok (1972)

  • Jeong Sang Hoon (1976)

    Jeong Sang Hoon (1976)

  • Jeong Hae In (1988)

    Jeong Hae In (1988)

  • Kim Won Hae (1969)

    Kim Won Hae (1969)

  • Jeong Jin Yeong (1964)

    Jeong Jin Yeong (1964)

  • Ji Woong Bae

    Ji Woong Bae

  • Kim Hak Ryong

    Kim Hak Ryong

  • Lee Jae Seok (1976)

    Lee Jae Seok (1976)

  • Jeong Eun Seong (1992)

    Jeong Eun Seong (1992)

  • Kim Min Seok (1992)

    Kim Min Seok (1992)

  • Moon Jeong Soo (1979)

    Moon Jeong Soo (1979)

  • Kim Wan Seon (1969)

    Kim Wan Seon (1969)

  • Jeong Se Hoon (2006)

    Jeong Se Hoon (2006)

  • Kim Hyeong Jong (1973)

    Kim Hyeong Jong (1973)

  • Park Ga Yeong

    Park Ga Yeong

  • Jin Goo (1980)

    Jin Goo (1980)

  • Cheon Woo Hee (1987)

    Cheon Woo Hee (1987)

  • Kim Hyeon Mok (1991)

    Kim Hyeon Mok (1991)

  • Han Sa Myeong (1986)

    Han Sa Myeong (1986)

  • Kim Kyeong Deok

    Kim Kyeong Deok

  • Son Hyeon Joon (1983)

    Son Hyeon Joon (1983)

  • Lee Yoo Jin (1990)

    Lee Yoo Jin (1990)

  • Kim Kyoo Baek (1989)

    Kim Kyoo Baek (1989)

  • Yang Hee Woo (1984)

    Yang Hee Woo (1984)

  • Hong Jin Ki (1995)

    Hong Jin Ki (1995)

  • Kwon Ji Min (2007)

    Kwon Ji Min (2007)



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