Hi, I'm Saori

Hi, I'm Saori

The young girl Saori (Zheng Shuang) beats all other applicants and is hired as nanny for arrogant superstar Su Da Hao (Itthipat Thanit). But what nobody knows is that she is actually a robot. Da Hao continuously tries to make her leave but fails at every attempt. Things turn complicated when he eventually develops feelings for Saori
Also Known As: 我的AI保姆 , My Al Nanny
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Business; Drama; Romance;
Airs: 2018

Cast more

  • Dylan Xiong (1992)

    Dylan Xiong (1992)

  • Zheng Shuang

    Zheng Shuang

  • God Itthipat Thanit

    God Itthipat Thanit

  • Yu Yi Jie (1995)

    Yu Yi Jie (1995)

  • Kelsey Lu (1984)

    Kelsey Lu (1984)

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