Junichi is a young man without job or home who seems to have a great power of fascination over woman. He crosses the paths of different women who are unsatisfied with their lives and find comfort in his presence. It is a subtle love story between Junichi's drifting life and six different woman from 16 to 65 years old.
Also Known As: 潤一
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Mature; Romance;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Shison Jun (1995)

    Shison Jun (1995)

  • Fujii Mina (1988)

    Fujii Mina (1988)

  • Kaho (1991)

    Kaho (1991)

  • Eguchi Noriko (1980)

    Eguchi Noriko (1980)

  • Makita Aju (2002)

    Makita Aju (2002)

  • Nao Honda (1995)

    Nao Honda (1995)

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