Juror 8

Juror 8

It's the story of South Korea’s first trial by jury in 2008. It follows the case of a son brutally murdering his mother, with all factors seeming to point to a guilty ruling. However, the trial does not go as smoothly as expected. The eighth juror, young entrepreneur Kwon Nam Woo questions the defendant’s self-declaration of guilt. As a result, the judge calls for a new debate to establish a guilty or not guilty verdict.

Kim Joon Gyum is the presiding judge who leads the first civil participation of a criminal trial in South Korea.

The jury consists of 8 ordinary people with different ages and personality.

Jurors: n.1 Yoon Geu Rim, a late law student, n.2 Yang Choon Ok, a nursing home caretaker, n.3 Jo Jin Shik, an unknown actor more concerned with his daily wage than the trial, n.4 Byun Sang Mi, a full-time housewife, n.5 Choi Yeong Jae, a chief secretary of a large corporation, n.6 Jang Ki Baek, unemployed, n.7 Oh Soo Jung, a job seeker, n.8 Kwon Nam Woo, an entrepreneur.

This group forms a microcosm of society, and the way in which they are swayed by the majority opinion provides further commentary on its current state.

Kwon Nam Woo stands in sharp contrast to this, sifting through investigation records and backing up his doubts on the case with determination. He repeatedly questions the defendant’s self-declaration of guilt and reminds judge Kim Joon Gyum of the importance of justice. Bit by bit, he breaks down the majority opinion by pushing for a not guilty verdict.

The jurors are ordinary people, but, after they become jurors, they seek out the truth of the case.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Drama; Law;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Moon So Ri

    Moon So Ri

  • Park Hyung Shik

    Park Hyung Shik

  • Jo Soo Hyang (1991)

    Jo Soo Hyang (1991)

  • Jo Han Cheol (1973)

    Jo Han Cheol (1973)

  • Seo Jeong Yeon (1975)

    Seo Jeong Yeon (1975)

  • Kim Mi Kyeong (1965)

    Kim Mi Kyeong (1965)

  • Yoon Kyeong Ho (1980)

    Yoon Kyeong Ho (1980)

  • Baek Soo Jang (1980)

    Baek Soo Jang (1980)

  • Kim Sang Kyoon (1983)

    Kim Sang Kyoon (1983)

  • Kim Hong Fa

    Kim Hong Fa

  • Kwon Hae Hyo

    Kwon Hae Hyo

  • Tae In Ho (1980)

    Tae In Ho (1980)

  • Seo Hyeon Woo (1983)

    Seo Hyeon Woo (1983)

  • Lee Yong Lee (1958)

    Lee Yong Lee (1958)

  • Seo Jin Won (1969)

    Seo Jin Won (1969)

  • Shim Dal Gi (1999)

    Shim Dal Gi (1999)

  • Park Jae Wan (1968)

    Park Jae Wan (1968)

  • Yeom Dong Heon (1968)

    Yeom Dong Heon (1968)

  • Kim Hak Seon (1970)

    Kim Hak Seon (1970)

  • Kim Seon Yeong (1976)

    Kim Seon Yeong (1976)

  • Lee Kyoo Hyeong (1983)

    Lee Kyoo Hyeong (1983)

  • Go Seo Hee (1977)

    Go Seo Hee (1977)

  • Lee Yeong Jin (1981)

    Lee Yeong Jin (1981)

  • Yoo Soon Woong

    Yoo Soon Woong

  • Shin Chi Yeong (1977)

    Shin Chi Yeong (1977)

  • Jeong Jae Yoon (1986)

    Jeong Jae Yoon (1986)

  • Ryoo Deok Hwan (1987)

    Ryoo Deok Hwan (1987)

  • Lee Hae Woon (1985)

    Lee Hae Woon (1985)

  • Jeong Do Won (1980)

    Jeong Do Won (1980)

  • Park Jin Yeong (1955)

    Park Jin Yeong (1955)

  • Choi Ri (1995)

    Choi Ri (1995)

  • Lee Seo Joon (1991)

    Lee Seo Joon (1991)

  • Hwang Sang Kyeong (1982)

    Hwang Sang Kyeong (1982)

  • Heo In Beom (1984)

    Heo In Beom (1984)

  • Yeom Hye Ran (1976)

    Yeom Hye Ran (1976)



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