Kick the Moon

Kick the Moon

Kick the Moon is about two high school students from a small-city high-school. One is a fighter who is involved in a legendary street-fight with a rival school, the other is a geeky wimp who loves to study and is one of the only students to not participate in the fight. Years later, the punk has grown to be a teacher in the high-school he attended and the nerd has become a mafia underboss and has returned to his hometown to set up operations. The movie revolves around the two men's rivalry for the affections of a local lady restaurant owner and the fighting of rival gang factions in the small city
Also Known As: 신라의 달밤
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Drama;
Airs: 2001

Cast more

  • Lee Seong Jae (1970)

    Lee Seong Jae (1970)

  • Cha Seung Won (1970)

    Cha Seung Won (1970)

  • Kim Hye Soo (1970)

    Kim Hye Soo (1970)

  • Lee Won Jong (1969)

    Lee Won Jong (1969)

  • Yoo Hae Jin (1970)

    Yoo Hae Jin (1970)

  • Kim Yeong Joon (1980)

    Kim Yeong Joon (1980)

  • Seong Ji Roo (1968)

    Seong Ji Roo (1968)

  • Lee Jong Soo (1976)

    Lee Jong Soo (1976)

  • Jo Sang Geon (1946)

    Jo Sang Geon (1946)

  • Noh Soo Seong (1970)

    Noh Soo Seong (1970)

  • Lee Han Gal (1971)

    Lee Han Gal (1971)

  • Yoo Il Han (1983)

    Yoo Il Han (1983)

  • Shin Seung Hwan (1978)

    Shin Seung Hwan (1978)