Kid World

Kid World

Nowadays, it takes an extended family, including grandparents, aunts, and uncles, to take care of children. The task is too hard for a family to handle, so all parents need help to raise their precious children. Enter three celebrities who volunteer to take care of kids for parents. Kim Gu-ra, Kim Min-jong, and Seo Jang-hoon take kids to kindergartens and schools and care and protect them while the parents are working. They have been successful in their respective fields, and one of them even raised a son. But taking care of children is hard beyond their wild imagination. Through the three men's ultimate experience of parenting, the show candidly reveals the heavy burden of bringing up children and find out what to do to support the parents and caregivers.
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Family; Variety;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Seo Jang Hoon (1974)

    Seo Jang Hoon (1974)

  • Kim Min Jong (1972)

    Kim Min Jong (1972)

  • Hwang Chi Yeul (1983)

    Hwang Chi Yeul (1983)

  • Kim Gu Ra (1970)

    Kim Gu Ra (1970)

  • Jessica Hyun Ju Ho (1988)

    Jessica Hyun Ju Ho (1988)



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