Libera Me

Libera Me

A firefighter starts playing detective in his spare time to bring down a psychotic arsonist in this thriller. Hee-su (Cha Seung-weon) is a man with a dangerous obsession; having served a long prison sentence for arson, Hee-su has not only failed to change his ways, but is returning to his firebug ways with a vengeance, even torching his cell with a remote device on the day of his release. Hee-su starts out relatively small but soon begins lighting up bigger and more important targets, and as he starts deadly fires that claim lives at a local hospital, dedicated fireman Sang-woo (Choi Min-su) makes it his mission to bring Hee-su to justice. Libera Me proved to be a popular breakthrough for director Yang Yun-ho, who is better known for more serious fare.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Action; Crime; Drama; Mystery;
Airs: 2000

Cast more

  • Cha Seung Won (1970)

    Cha Seung Won (1970)

  • Choi Min Soo (1962)

    Choi Min Soo (1962)

  • Yoo Ji Tae (1976)

    Yoo Ji Tae (1976)

  • Park Sang Myeon (1968)

    Park Sang Myeon (1968)

  • Jeong Joon (1979)

    Jeong Joon (1979)

  • Kim Kyoo Ri (1979 Jun)

    Kim Kyoo Ri (1979 Jun)

  • Kim Soo Ro (1970)

    Kim Soo Ro (1970)

  • Lee Ho Jae (1941)

    Lee Ho Jae (1941)

  • Park Jae Hoon (1971)

    Park Jae Hoon (1971)

  • Jeong Ae Ri (1960)

    Jeong Ae Ri (1960)

  • Jeong Won Joong (1960)

    Jeong Won Joong (1960)

  • Heo Joon Ho (1964)

    Heo Joon Ho (1964)

  • Kim Ae Ran (1971)

    Kim Ae Ran (1971)