Light on Series: Crimson River

Light on Series: Crimson River

An unsolved murder case of a young girl repeats itself twenty years later and awakens the memories of a peaceful town. Shan Feng, who was once a witness to the murder case, now returns to the town as a policeman, unable to forget the painful memories. He seeks out the truth and discovers all the people related to the case have undergone drastic changes.

Director: Yang Miao [杨苗]

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Song Yang (1983)

    Song Yang (1983)

  • Una You (1992)

    Una You (1992)

  • Yuan Wen Kang

    Yuan Wen Kang

  • Jiao Gang

    Jiao Gang

  • Li Jiu Xiao (1990)

    Li Jiu Xiao (1990)

  • Song Ning (1981)

    Song Ning (1981)

  • Qin Yu (1991)

    Qin Yu (1991)

  • He Peng (1989)

    He Peng (1989)

  • Du Zhi Guo (1954)

    Du Zhi Guo (1954)

  • Wang Long Zheng (1980)

    Wang Long Zheng (1980)

  • Qian Bo

    Qian Bo



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