Louder!: Can't Hear What You're Singin', Wimp

Louder!: Can't Hear What You're Singin', Wimp

Shing is a rock star with an amazingly loud voice that has a range of four octaves. His secret is that he has created his voice through some sort of vocal cord doping. His voice is now teetering on the edge, due to side effects from the vocal cord drugs. At this time, Shing meets Fuuka who is a street musician. When Fuuka sings, her voice is so low. Due to Fuuka, Shing ponders over his past.
Also Known As: 音量を上げろタコ!なに歌ってんのか全然わかんねぇんだよ!! , Onryo wo Agero Tako! Nani Utatten noka Zenzen Wakannendayo!!
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Music;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Abe Sadao (1970)

    Abe Sadao (1970)

  • Yoshioka Riho (1993)

    Yoshioka Riho (1993)

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