Love and Cash (Penny Pinchers)

Love and Cash (Penny Pinchers)

Ji Woong is a loser. He can’t find a job, lies to his mom for money, and fails in the bedroom for want of 50 won. He may not have much to show for himself, but at least he’s a good talker! But one day his mom abruptly cuts off the money tap, which means he can’t pay his rent. This effectively renders him homeless overnight. But that same day, salvation arrives in the form of Hong Shil, his bottle-scavenging savior.

Hong Shil is a serious modern-day Scrooge whose hobby is visiting the bank to make savings deposits, and whose specialty is selling empty glass bottles and old newspapers for cash. Her philosophy in life is to steer clear of religion, boyfriends, and getting sick because those things cost money. She has nothing but a TV for cultural entertainment, she believes anything within a five bus stop radius is walking distance, and she thinks she’s entitled to taking as much free sugar from cafés as she pleases. She’s great at saving money and she does anything she can think of to make cash. One day, her savings plans are brought to a screeching halt when she learns she needs a separate bank account under someone else’s name to reach her goal of 200 million won. That’s when Ji Woong comes into the picture. “Yes! You’re just what I needed!”

Hong Shil treats Ji Woong almost like her personal slave, while Ji Woong has no choice but to do as he’s told. Their rooftop roommates relationship begins!

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; life; Romance;
Airs: 2011

Cast more

  • Han Ye Seul

    Han Ye Seul

    Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Song Joong Ki (1985)

    Song Joong Ki (1985)

    Secheon-dong, Daejeon, South Korea
  • Lee Sang Yeob (1983)

    Lee Sang Yeob (1983)

    South Korea
  • Shin So Yool (1985)

    Shin So Yool (1985)

    South Korea
  • Lee Yong Joo (1982)

    Lee Yong Joo (1982)

    South Korea
  • Lee Jae Won (1986)

    Lee Jae Won (1986)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Kim Hong Fa

    Kim Hong Fa

    South Korea
  • Kim Dong Hyeon (1950)

    Kim Dong Hyeon (1950)

    South Korea
  • Moon Se Yoon (1982)

    Moon Se Yoon (1982)

    South Korea
  • Han Sa Myeong (1986)

    Han Sa Myeong (1986)

    South Korea


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