Love Under the Moon

Love Under the Moon

A story about a heroine and her complicated relationship with the Ye Family as she becomes emotionally entangled with two brothers.

<[>In the year 1990s, Xiang Yuan receives financial aid from the Ye Family in order to attend university in Shanghai. She is smart, dedicated, excels in school and succeeds in becoming economically independent after entering the workplace. Xiang Yuan is in love with the Ye Family's eldest son Ye Qian Ze while the second son Ye Yun is in love with her. Ye Qian Ze has romantic relations with the Ye Family's adopted daughter Ye Ling but ends up marrying Xiang Yuan.

Misunderstandings tear their marriage apart, and an unexpected and irreversible tragedy separates the couple forever. Four years later, Xiang Yuan has overcome the hardships to turn the firm into the best real estate company in Shanghai. Ye Yun finally confesses his enduring feelings for Xiang Yuan. Will she be able to accept him or will tragedy strike again?

Also Known As: 山月不知心底事 / Shan Yue Buzhi Xin Di Shi / The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart / The Moon Doesnt Understand My Heart / Being Lonely in Love
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Ou Hao

    Ou Hao

  • Victoria Song (1987)

    Victoria Song (1987)

  • Xia Ning Jun (1994)

    Xia Ning Jun (1994)

  • Danson Tang (1984)

    Danson Tang (1984)

  • Sun Yi (1996)

    Sun Yi (1996)

  • Ding Yong Dai

    Ding Yong Dai

  • Wen Zheng Rong (1977)

    Wen Zheng Rong (1977)

  • Yao Chen (1979)

    Yao Chen (1979)

  • Yue Yao Li

    Yue Yao Li

  • Wan Tong

    Wan Tong

  • Xia En

    Xia En

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