Lucky With You (2020)

Lucky With You (2020)

Wu Yi, who used to be an excellent Taekwondo athlete, found her husband cheating on their 7th year wedding anniversary. She then divorced her husband. Not only did all the property go to her ex-husband, but she also lost her child's custody. Wu Yi then plans to work in order to fight for the child's custody. She starts to work in a security company and becomes a professional female bodyguard. She is assigned to become a 24/7 bodyguard of a wealthy, cruel and handsome man named Hou Jue "Marquis" who has many enemies and will later help to get her child back.

Director: Liu Xue Song [刘雪松]

Country: Chinese
Status: Upcoming
Airs: Aug 10, 2020

Cast more

  • Huang Jing Yu (1992)

    Huang Jing Yu (1992)

  • Claudia Wang (1985)

    Claudia Wang (1985)

  • Wang Zhi Gang (1974)

    Wang Zhi Gang (1974)

  • Shi Jing Yi

    Shi Jing Yi



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